Turns out that ChatGPT can be pretty useful. Who knew?

In case you aren’t keeping up - I have been playing around with embedding video on ๐Ÿ”— john.philpin.com. I cracked it a while back - but the process of creating the clip had a lot of friction because of the app I was using.

Fixed that - thanks to learning that the podcast app I use every day (Overcast) has had audio clipping since 2019. Seriously!

So friction to creating the clip removed, but still stuck on how a visitor would know the app was ‘playable’ (no little ‘play’ arrow) and even when they did - up popped another window …

As @Miraz wrote …

It’s not clear that it’s an audio clip

… and as @pratik wrote

I wish it started playing in-page.


I am not a developer, coder, programmer … by any stretch of the imagination - hell - I don’t even play one on TV. I impressed myself to even manage to embed the video - to play in line? Time for a chat.

I know how much time I spend googling css / html stuff to copy and paste into the site - find it doesnโ€™t work - spending more time to find the right structure - repeat - until it finally works. I looked at Google with significant trepidation.

Enter ChatGPT that I have played around with to better understand capabilities, but never with a view to creating something ‘production ready’.

From opening ChatGPT to getting a finished result took me about two minutes - half of which was waiting for my web site page to flush out the old and refresh the new - twice (as the chat below makes clear).

For posterity - my conversation is below.

Oh - and this was using ChatGPT-3.

๐Ÿ”— This is the finished post in action.