Om writing about Substack Spam

Anyone can add my email address to their newsletter list without my permission. Whether I want it or not, I get a pitch for their newsletter, and I have to go to their website and unsubscribe to opt out of the service.

I did not know that. Is he right?

“Opt out” is a growth hacking tactic that has become commonplace online and a time stealer, penalizing all Internet users. Online marketers are just a different version of spammers who annoy us on our mobile phones. And it is so because no one speaks on behalf of the people.

I have been observing this … just hadn’t thought of it as being a Substack issue. The whole thing flies in the face of good email practice that Chad and Jay wrote about in what seems like another life - but apparently the book only came out 10 years ago … is that right?

(Now in it’s fourth edition)