A few links with no ‘search or surf’ needed. All you need to do is click.


You are welcome.

🔗 Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes turns herself in for 11-year prison term. - I didn’t get the popcorn because my guess is that she will be out for ‘good behavior’ before I could finish the box.

🔗 Lawyer ‘Greatly Regrets’ Using ChatGPT in Briefing That Included Fake Citations. … and on a related note 🔗 I cannot believe the shit that morons are getting up to with ChatGPT - because in 2023 it is obligatory for all lists (even micro lists like this) to have at least one link be about ChatGPT, so I went for two - and related as well!

🔗 Tom Evslin: Is AI Dangerous? - turns out yes … and no … because it depends.

🔗 A New Uber Clone With Armed Drivers Is the App for a Violent and Paranoid America (Apple News) - if you follow me, you might know that Uber is not (shall we say) high on my list of innovative and ethical companies - so in that respect they are absolutely an Uber clone.

🔗 The QAnon Shaman Is Out of Prison and Selling Yoga Leggings Now (Apple News) - because of course he is. Beats me why he didn’t start it in prison. Oh wait ….