For the longest time I have had the wonderful plugin 🔗 ’Search Space’ by @sod running on my site. It is truly fantastic - use it all the time to find post I know I have written in the past - that I want to link to - like here .. imagine how long that would have taken to build without a powerful search.

I also use Hitchens by @pimoore for my site, and Pete rather conveniently included ‘Search’ as part of his template. Not sure what he is doing behind the scenes to make that work - but like all of Hitchens - it just worked out of the box.

But … BUT … ever since installing @sod ’s plugin, having two searches has annoyed me, but I lived with it. Although I knew how to hide the built in search in CSS, I did NOT know how to identify the element that needed hiding, Until NOW.

Thanks to Jason I can now find and identify the elements I need to drop into the CSS. (Again, I new all about ‘Inspect’, but for whatever reason I had a mental block when it came to finding the specifics.)

No longer - and as a result, I now have only 1 🖇️ Search on my site.

No idea if @sod is reading this - maybe I will ping him separately - and find out if he is working on an update - because I do have a few ideas.