It’s over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day here. At the moment it’s only 85 F, but then, it is 2:30am .. so of course, what else are you going to do? Start researching ice rinks.

temperatures in the areas

If you know me, you won’t be surprised to learn that I’ve only just discovered that there’s a brand new Ice Rink just up the road, providing the new home for the Firebirds Ice Hockey team. (Who? No - I didn’t know of them either … but in my defence my Ice Hockey knowledge starts and very quickly ends with Wayne Gretzky … and only because of the ‘puck quote’)

Anyway, having discovered that we have an Ice Hockey Team in the ‘hood .. I quickly moved on to the inevitable question … ‘what the hell were they thinking?). I asked my friend who was waxing lyrical over this super, state of the art, ice rink - come - performing arts center …

map of stadium location

The idea of an ice rink in the desert didn’t seem to phase her at all. But it does phase me and so I started down the track of what this thing costs, what’s is it’s Carbon footprint .. you know ‘climate changey’ stuff, that I presume people somewhere thought through?

Still no answers. Maybe someone reading this will have an idea. Maybe more research is needed when I am more awake.

Here’s what I did find.

An ice rink in the desert? How it was built, how it stays frozen and the main man behind it

And yes Dubai has not one but two indoor ski slopes. So why shouldn’t the Coachella valley have its own ice rink?

Answers on a postcard ….