🔗 The microblogging ecosystem post Twitter

There won’t be one Twitter killer. Instead, the platform’s decline has opened up the world of microblogging.

💬 Adam Tinsworth

Nice summary from @adders on the state of whatever it is that the ‘Twitter Wars’ are all about. My take - he’s not wrong. I often reference Timothy Ruff on this …

Protocols Kill Platfroms

.. though he in turn says we should thank Mike Masnick for the wisdom. Either way, what we all should be rooting for includes ‘open’, ‘portable’, ‘transparent’, you know … all the stuff that people should care about - but somehow the vast majority seem not to.

Protocols are the answer. The trick will need the corporations to give way on their walled garden mentality and the engineers building this brave new world to understand that the other 99.999999999% of the world won’t do it if it is ‘too hard’ - and ‘too hard’ means for the average person - not the MIT rocket scientist.