I have used Transmit to connect to my servers for years. N’er a problem until a couple of weeks ago.

I didn’t think I had changed anything - but did my usual checks ….

Still no connection.

I pinged my hosting provider - Siteground.

They could access from their end no problem.

Asked me to try accessing via a different network, so tried by camping on the phone.

Straight in.

Back to my usual access - nothing.

Their conclusion was something about my network provider.

In my case it’s Spectrum and I just shivered at the thought.

So, first I contacted Panic, to see if they had any ideas.

Longer story shorter …

Ran some diagnostics and sent to them - and they asked me who was hosting my servers … told them.

And then in an email this morning ….

Out of curiosity, can you change the connection type to FTP with TLS/SSL? From my own SiteGround servers, I know that helps.

… and BOOM. Working.

This bear ain’t technical - so I have no idea what strange magic this is and why suddenly everything is different, but suffice to say … WORKING.

Thankyou Panic.