To those paying attention, this is old news … but recording it now because I think it is an excellent lesson as to why you should never … ever … trust a Silo. It’s theirs. The stuff you put there is theirs. Even our’ handle is actually ‘theirs’.

Case in point …. in 2011 Jeremy Vaughn created @music over on the ‘site formerly known as Twitter’

Fast forward to 2023 and the child king who now own said site took @music for himself … and as far as I can see kept all Jeremy’s followers.

Caveat … I don’t actually ‘know’ that .. but I do know that @music was set up in 2011 and today has 11 million followers. The ‘new’ handle @musicfan counts less followers than one of my old Twitter accounts - and I spent no time building a following over there.

The ‘at’ music account

The ‘new’ ‘at’ musicfan account

I used ‘at’ not ‘@‘ because I don’t want to link to them - but you have enough information to go see for yourself if you have interest.