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A Vintage Machine - Photographed By Me

Back in the day a technological marvel such as this would cost you hundred and hundreds of dollars. (No joking kids). Of course the number of people you could communicate using such a device - back in the day - could be counted in the millions. So $10 does sound like a bargain, except.

Back in the Day - the cost to connection ratio was very, very small.

For example and being conservative and for the sake of round numbers …

Cost : $1000
Number of People You Can Connect To : 10,000,000
Cost to Connection Ratio : $0.0001

Today’s numbers … with the same simplicity assumptions;

Cost : $10
Number of People You Can Connect To : 10
Cost to Connection Ratio : $1

Now THAT is inflation … not to mention that back in the day the Network effect meant that you cut per connection was falling daily., whilst today, growing exponentially.

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