I watched a lovely little movie last night - fresh out on Netflix with Bill Nighy in the lead role.

On Netflix

Great movie? Not at all. Just one of those lovely little movies that I happen to enjoy - and seemingly that Bill happens to enjoy making.

Anyway - it got me to wondering. Is there really a soccer World Cup for homeless people? Turns out yes - yes there is …

The Real Story Behind The Beautiful Game

Member Countries — Homeless World Cup

I am part of a burgeoning collective that is out there and can be found - but we aren’t yet promoting. Homelessness is one of the threads running through the collective. I haven’t heard talk of this particular event - BUT - I am going to post this post into the timeless space and see what I can find.

Want to know more about that collective and what we are doing - Let Me Know

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BTW - It probably isn’t a coincidence that it was released just as the 2024 competition is happening.