I am well aware that despite my years long campaign to stop people from describing their words, articles, photographs, thinking … beliefs, soul … Intellectual Property even … ‘content’ … they continue to… unabated.

🔎 🖇️ It drives me nuts.

But I am not giving up …

That said - there are people that ‘get it’. (Though I will freely admit that we are also in the minority there!)

Meanwhile the ‘bot farms that have been delivering the real content (sic) to our uncurated feeds and inboxes have been gearing up for the AI revolution - and indeed as reported in many places are already shaping our ‘thinking’. (I use the word loosely.)

Imagine then my delight to read that ‘Slop is the new name for unwanted AI-generated content’.

Sidebar - if you don’t know what a ‘bucket of slop’ is - ‘Slop is the new name for unwanted AI-generated content’.


Slop is also a name given to what is left at the bottom after any of the remotely useful homogenized content that has been stored in a silo has been removed.

The trick now is going to be how readers will be able to spot the slop - given that they already have difficulties separating content from any kind of value.

Read the whole piece …

🔗 Slop is the new name for unwanted AI-generated content

… and hat tip to John Gruber who referenced this post on Daring Fireball.

🔗 Meanwhile, over in Finland, they do have an idea or two.