If you have been keeping track - you have haven’t you? … You will know that I am around about a year into a ‘category culling’ on my site. I’m there. Except I am not.

As of 5 minutes ago - the last category died - number 5 below.

The objective was always to reduce the number to something more manageable. Believe it or not - this lot is around a 1/3 to 1/2 of what it used to be.

But am I really there? Could I go further? .. and really, it has to be recognized that this is mainly for me.

The Key

1 - The post a day category for 2024 (flagged because it is in a straight of reorganizational flux).

2 - Experimental category o next couple of weeks it will either be dead or committed.

3 - 15 years ago I had a site of jokes which got imported as part of my web site consolidation program. Seperately I do flag humorous things. I should merge the two.

4 - It was never an ‘Instagram import’ - 18 images that came from Insta - shouldn’t they just be ‘photos’.

5 - Gone.

6 - I want to move all ‘titled-posts’ to ‘long form’ - if indeed they are long form - a long arduous (who cares) job.

7 - my’xxxx' was a way to keep the categories organized for past year as I organized - do I still need the ‘my’.

8 - hangover from the People First site - they don’t need a category - so long as I can search and pull them up - thinking.

9 - people first is the preferred - so need to move peoplefirst across.

10 - do I need quote and quote wise? Quote is a quote - quote wise are the images that Readwise can deliver.

11 - another WIP - that will eventually become the ‘top 10 of each category.