I love listening to knowledgeable 🎵 people steeped in ‘the lore’, ‘the history’ .. I can swim in it forever. An inevitable question appears somewhere in the conversation .. “did you know it was going to be a hit?”

no clue mate

… is the usual and correct response.

Same with newsletters. You just can’t tell. I keep reading over and over different writers that are surprised when their ‘magnum opus’ falls flat and a ‘throwaway’ goes viral.

My throwaway newsletter from a couple of days ago gave me an equal numbers of unsubscribes and subscribes … no viral accelerator for me .. but after being flat for over a year - my ‘paid subscriptions’ increased by around 10%. Not only that, but the subscription broke a psychological barrier - paid for subscriptions hit ‘double figures’ 🥳

The point is that you just don’t know - right?

If you want to read it - 🔗 you can

Photo by [🔗 James Lee](https://substack.com/redirect/09651325-975c-4a6e-a218-0fb09410b5ab?j=eyJ1IjoiMWxwdTM5In0.dEnYKl1imVKzccE2tJUXGZbsiuKVg5wkA36RX1iww2w) on [🔗 Unsplash](https://substack.com/redirect/c33d1219-1f48-49fb-b798-bbfccea70c66?j=eyJ1IjoiMWxwdTM5In0.dEnYKl1imVKzccE2tJUXGZbsiuKVg5wkA36RX1iww2w)