I agree. I am increasingly pissed off by the thought police. I have two unpublished posts that I need to get out through the door around this.

I’m not interested in making my opinions “advertiser-friendly,” nor in virtue-signaling to censorious, self-righteous ideologues. It’s popular amongst the simple-minded these days to label people as bigots on the basis of colorful remarks. In so doing, the self-appointed thought police often completely miss the point the writer was trying to make. As a feral Gen Xer, I don’t have the patience to walk on eggshells around thin-skinned people. If I can’t be honest and authentic, then why bother?

💬 Jennifer Devastatia del Gato

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Coincidentally I dropped a note on Jennifers guestbook a couple of weeks ago. Her site is something to behold.