Being a sucker for Guy Ritchie - I loved the movie ‘The Gentlemen’ - so approached the TV show cautiously. It turned out to be rather good.

I enjoyed the Damon movie … ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ - and so rejected the idea of sitting through the series. Until I didn’t …. And it was marvelous.

I watch McConaughey’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ - loved it, so when I saw the series come up … I hesitated - but went in on Series 1. Just finished Series 2 … not shabby at all.

I never saw Ted the movie, not my style - but after @ec referencing the TV show the other day - I have added it to the watch list.

Clearly the ‘Ionger, more detailed story telling afforded by a streaming series resonates with this bear.

All this to say that I have just discovered that Gilliam’s glorious ’Time Bandits is being turned into a series for Apple TV - written, starring, directing, producing, none other than Taika Waititi and his mate Jemaine Clement.