Further to this post, while my mind is in that frame I came across a post from the inimitable Nathan Yau - over at Flowing Data. He does great work. 

Beyond the point I made in the prior post, there is something else. Data - despite what you might think when you look at the paucity of data that is getting shared in the current US Presidential race. Data is everywhere. It just needs to be freed,

Data mind you. Data ... not Opinion.

Nathan takes data a step further and often provides a way that emotionally connects with the view - essentially allowing those two half brains of ours to connect. Take this one ......to share data - you can use a line chart - like the one at the top of the post ...

... or you can engage, embrace, bond with and tap into the viewer directly with a video.

The shockingness of 2008 to 2010 is palpable.

Read All About It.