Two short posts that arrived almost back to back in the multivarious reading apps that seem to be multiplying on my iPad.

The first came from Derek Silvers about why we should write plain text files.

The ‘shouldness’of that instruction cant be more emphasised. All that he says I do know, but it’s good to be reminded. But, even then it still doesn’t stop me from writing a lot of stuff in a couple of the most proprietary formats out there .. Apple’s ‘Pages’ and ‘Keynote’.

YES Keynote … it isn’t just for presentations, I use it to create simple graphics and structured workbooks.

The second was Note-taking became a full-time job, so I stopped

Last year out of nowhere, I became aware and interested in Obsidian. I learnt about Zeitelkasten. I discovered that Obsidian was just the latest application that promised to be my salvation.

I haven’t stopped using it - but boy did that post resonate!