Apparently - absolutely everything, (with apologies to Edwin Star). That said, a really GREAT series of articles by Venkatesh Rao on ‘Lore’ The Index To The Series

This is Part 7 of 7 : 🔗 Towards Management Metamodernism , from which I quote;

Just as Wallace noted, in 1993, that literary writing was increasingly substituting TV-watching for observation of life (which, as he pointed out, was understandable, since life itself was about sitting on a couch watching television), by 2007 or so, on the threshold of the global financial crisis, “external reality” to leaders meant the output of the literary-industrial complex.

💬 Venkatesh Rao - Ribbon Farm

(My bold reminding me of the UK series Gogglebox - an entire show where we the viewers watched other viewers watch television!)