“The Content Marketing category is almost $700 billion. Almost every company is working on content and increasing their content marketing investments. And yet, when was the last time you got a piece of content marketing and you said that was legendary? Let’s dig into how the marketing world got duped into content free marketing, aka saying nothing everywhere, and why this is one of the largest opportunities hiding in plain sight.”

💬 Chris Lockhead

He’s not everyone’s cup of tea - but he often makes very good points - AND - he knows how to talk about a topic on his podcast in under 15 minutes rather than three hours (though this podcast at 1 hour is an exception). Still, worth a listen … or just buy his book - since he is essentially doing a Doctorow - reading his own book!

I THINK it was Hubspot that pretty much lead the way on ‘Content Marketing’ (defined the category as Lockhead would have it). It felt wrong then … still does … maybe finally some sanity will prevail?

A boy can hope - can’t he?