“To get deals over the line in today’s high-pressure sales environment, sellers must undertake new, challenging activities outside their comfort zones. The ongoing need for agility is taking its toll: In a recent Gartner survey of more than 900 B2B sellers, 89% report feeling burned out and 54% report actively job seeking.”

“nearly six in 10 sellers describe the leadership of their sales organization as not understanding what “really” motivates sellers.”

“Sellers experiencing drag are plagued by workday boredom and distraction. They procrastinate. They “go through the motions” to satisfy activity-tracking requirements. Meanwhile, progress on true priorities languishes.”

and and and … you can read it all on HBR

.. meanwhile the word ‘buy’ appears once in the entire article … and even then … well see for yourself

“Maximize seller buy-in by being transparent.”

That is the only reference to ‘buying’ is the need for the sales person to have buy in to what leadership is up to.

‘Customer’ is mentioned 7 times …

I am at a loss to understand how to improve the sales process without really talking about the buying process and customers … I know crazy talk right?


Then again, the article was written by a bunch of Gartner analysts.