Another post that started life as a reply - and then got longer - and then seemed to have added general applicability. So …

In the hope that this might help (at least) @moonmehta who wrote on microblog …

Calling all infovores: What is your Web reading stack? I want to improve and optimize what I consume. Here’s my toolset for Discovery, Queuing, and Absorption:

  • Feedbin RSS + Newsletter reader
  • Instapaper, plus its Kindle delivery
  • Kagi search
  • Raindrop bookmarking
  • Orion browser

This is best answered by revealing one screen on my iPad mini.

iPad Reading Screen

The apps are in no particular order, though roughly from top left to bottom right in terms of regularity of use (Gluon/MicroBlog aside).

I don’t typically have alerts and notifications on to pull me in unwanted directions.

As I read (and listen) to whatever it is, various options;

Raindrop is there - but it is on the way out.

For processing I run through new Drafts and push out into various spaces. If you note the time stamps on my posts (because of course - that IS what you do … right?), you will find a few might arrive very quickly as I bulk process my Drafts.

When I have a quite longer moment to really read, I open up Reader and start - maybe highlighting, or sharing, or commenting … tag and archive OR delete completely. (Trying to make sure that my Readwise doesn’t end up like my Instapaper - which you will also see on that screen shot - but actually I open every blue moon or so.)

Hope that helps.

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