A little foraging around the hood yesterday afternoon … some observations.

Going by car makes … Teslas had the most unfriendly, aggressive drivers on the road.

To provide context, on one occasion I was mildly surprised when one car jumped the red lights .. red now, not amber … red, only to see a second one accelerate across right on the first car’s tail causing me to swear in shock. After a brief gap, I guess people ‘with the green’ figured it was ok to move … and they all did … only to slam on their breaks as a third car barreled through.

None of the three cars were Teslas … and yet Tesla still won the afternoon’s 🏆🎖️🥇

At the beginning of the expedition, I needed to do a ‘quick’ trip into Costco. As I left, I found myself standing in line with my receipt and cart. The Latino lady with two-children directly in front of me was definitely being ’checked’ as the ’checker’ worked around the cart accounting for each item on the list. It was maybe 7 items … 2 of which were flat packs of water bottles.

I had forgotten this process and had already packed my few items into a box. Watching the detailed reconciliation going on in front of me, I was just thinking about unpacking the box … when she was waved through.

The checker looked at me and just marked the receipt of this old, caucasian male. There was no way he knew what was in my box (X-ray eyes aside).

Later in the Mall, I passed a Tesla store. Back in the day, I remember lines at Tesla stores … This one was empty … other than a couple of staff … maybe all the aggressive dicks in the area already have their Tesla?

Meanwhile, the Apple Store was as full as ever. I quickly found my ‘pencil tips’ but was told I needed to ‘book an appointment’ to buy them … he clearly spotted the horror on my face …

“Or you can check yourself out.”

I had totally missed the sign. The process took me a whole minute. Very efficient. (I know, I know … this has been possible for the last ‘n’ years … but this was actually my first time in an Apple Store for such a minor purchase in nearly 3 1/2 years .. slack needs to be cut)

On my way home I stopped off at a Wholefoods to pick up dinner for the night. Inside the store was a communal eating area with a total footprint equivalent to half the store - including a bar with seats for maybe 25 people. I am sure this also is old news - but again - it’s been 3 1/2 years