Anyone else worried that this is even a question? Or that it needs to be asked?

Anyway, I don’t have an answer about lemon origins except to say that they are at least as real as babies, and if they aren’t real then what the fuck did I just eat?

💬 The Bloggess

To be clear, this is not a Bloggess origin story … but rather a debate that seems to have emerged on the inter-webs somewhere about ‘Intelligence versus Artificial Intelligence’ - with people pointing out that Lemons ‘do not occur naturally’ … so are artificial … so not ‘real’ … at least in ‘that’ sense of the word.

First, if that is true, then total news to me. But put that aside, because the quirkiness of the debate tickles me. It’s ‘the other thing’ that has slipped quietly under the radar, that I am worrying about, because at some point in the online world, ‘real’ has become synonymous with ‘exist’.

That is … if it is not real - then it does not exist.


Now, I am not a philosopher - so the existence of a lemon I leave to people further up the pay grade scale than I, but I did get to wondering whether this is a ‘Cunkstion’1, or at least Cunk like?

Can someone higher up the pay scale have a think and reply please?

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  1. Cunkstion - a contraction of ‘Cunk Question’ - which is one of those innocent, easy ‘obvious’ questions that nobody has ever asked - but when you do - the expert finds themselves tied up in knots for one of three reasons …1) it is just plain stupid, 2 a non sequitur or 3) a deeply profound question demonstrating great insight (if on occasions - accidentally). ↩︎