🖇️ I wrote a related piece yesterday.

This one takes the thought a step further, because it’s not just original posts … but also replies.

As so often happens to me these days .. I start to reply to a message somewhere in one of the interweb’s silos … you know where they are in control - not you … even down to how long your message should be … because … you know ‘they’ know best. When that happens, I start a new post on said silo .. where there isn’t a character limit .. but I find myself doing that less and less … because why do I want to give my original thinking to a silo that stores undifferentiated commodities like bulk chaff? That’s why I don’t write ‘content’ …

But these days there’s even more reason not to use the Silos for being the prime origin of your IP, your work, your thinking.

🖇️ The short ‘case study’ just yesterday is all about the problem.

My next post started as a reply to a very good LinkedIN post .. and is a prime example of the ‘too long’ problem. I’ll link to here when it is finished.