🖇️ About This Blogroll Thing

I updated the base to include @ameripie and @jedda specifically.

While I was there - I found some peeps in my Feedbin that I had - but weren’t in the right folder - so fixed that and now the list is a bit longer. Discovering some additional anomalies;

@manton - Is there a way to make that list alphabetical ?

@simonwoods I have you - and I also have ‘TIL’ - but there are two different feeds?

@odd - I pulled what seems to be your feed - but these are your replies(?), whilst your real feed is here - raising in case you didn’t know.

Just to make it easier to check - this is a screen capture of the blogs in the system as of the weekend of 20/21 April. Proving it in alphabetical order. LMK if want to be added - or indeed taken off … all good.

🚧 Logged Blogs

MB Blogs In My Feedbin