To catch you up, you might have missed 🔗 📼 this video .. you can see it at the bottom of the page.

When I first saw it, I liked the visual effect - but really - not the message. As I wrote over on 🔗 John’s blog

I saw that vid .. kinda like it .. BUT .. I dunno … destroy everything physical, crush it to nothing ?

Unbeknownst to this bear - a lot of people were of the same opinion. A ‘furor’ indeed.

Anyway, in the comments thread on John’s blog he highlighted 🔗this ’twitter post’ from Reza Sixo Safai. This is the 🔗 tweet

Now on occasions I do pop out from under my rock and have noticed that these days Twitter isn’t a very nice place to go anymore. So - on behalf of you dear reader, I donned my protective suit, sprayed myself from top to bottom, grabbed the video and behold …. With all and every credit to Reza. ’Twitter’ is the only reason I pulled it to be here - because Twitter, so now all can view it - and those with protective clothing can pop over and see for themselves.

My comment cannot be better than this one …

This is unironically one of the cleverest creative feats I have ever seen. To take a widely-publicized, universally panned ad and then turning it into the exact ad that it should have been, communicating the desired message 10000x better.

💬 Amal Dorai

straight line


If you are reading this post on my site, the inline video gives an error. Click on the link above. The 'error' is only because the creator wants you to got to YouTube to watch it.