Om asking the question as he weighs in on Ben Werdmuller’s post asking whether the ‘stream’ needs to give way to a new way of organizing?

I think no - but I understand the challenge, which is why I have been going back over my old posts and trying to get rigorous with

Categories and

.. so that I can find stuff (and I recognize that it is really only me that looks to navigate the 7,000 plus posts (I know - I know)).

This is also why I am looking for ways to bulk manage my posts - so i can recategorize, without going one at a time …

2023 post Jan 8th

2023 post Jan 15th

2019 post 1st July

AND - I am not the only one, @dave also posted this today

Would someone please make a ChatGPT product that can be pointed at specific websites, and allow intelligent queries against the contents. I’d love to explore the site I’ve been writing for 28.5 years, Let me know. It’s worth $ to me.

💬 Dave Winer

I have not been blogging for 28.5 years and what I have got has been - well, lets call it ‘distributed’ - but slowly bringing it all together to make more sense and a flow.

By the way - the reason I think that the stream should not go is because it works. It’s how the social world works, its how places like micro blog work - and it makes sense. You go to that person’s blog and you find the very latest thoughts right there at the top of the page.

I know that it is not only one way to organize your thinking - but if we also tag, categorize, highlight posts we want to share more and and and … anything else that you may want to use - it all helps - but no single process works because you don’t know what the person visiting your blog is looking for - so you can’t organize in anticipation.

Streams controlled by algorithms or selectively highlight just part of ‘the hose’ or offer no other way to get at the thinking - yeah - not good. But as a first port of call - I cant see a way to improve - until we all have our own person AI that can make sense of our blathering - no point in me asking - hopefully someone will listen to Dave:)

// @dave @benwerd