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“We really need to start treating people’s time as being more valuable than the organisation’s money.”

💬 Mark McArthur-Christie

“How about a rule that only stories that are not behind a paywall will be considered for a Pulitzer prize.”

💬 Dave Winer

… it’s a thought.

“The struggle is never between good and evil, it is between the preferable and detestable.

💬 Raymond Aron

“Perhaps ironically Really Simple Syndication has become anything but simple. Really. 💥”

💬 Dave Winer

“The true delight is in the finding out, rather than in the knowing.”

💬 Isaac Asimov

"I think we are past peak Rishi."

💬 ‘An Anonymous Member of Parliament’

‘Past peak Rishi’: Why Conservative support is ebbing from Sunak as favourite to replace Boris Johnson